Being an encyclopaedic site, the Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san Wiki is only concerned with information that has been confirmed and released through official channels. Fans of all series enjoy to speculate about certain things such as, "I wonder what Kiruko's bra size is," or, "Bullet MUST be an android to survive the kind of damage he takes." Usually in good fun, but some people can take it too far. And it is towards those people that this policy is aimed at.

Examples of speculation are;

  • Romantic pairings.
  • Who is stronger?
  • Unconfirmed future events.

The Golden Rule

If it cannot be referenced, it cannot be added.

As mentioned in the Manual of Style, information needs to be referenced in order to be allowed in the articles. This is to ensure that the content of our pages is entirely factual and actually happened within the story, and isn't the product of a fan theory or forum discussion. While everyone has the right to an opinion and their own interpretation of events, placing them in our articles is still not allowed.

Where speculation is allowed!

Speculation is allowed in our own chatroom and forums. As long as things don't break into a fight, and you give other theories the same level of respect you expect people to show your own, we don't care if you think Chiaki is secretly a man. Just keep it out of the articles.