The method of formatting a chapter's article is standardised on the Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san Wiki. Whenever a new chapter is released, the new article must follow this layout in order to provide a consistent presentation of information.


Article names should be that of the chapter's number and name (eg. 01. That Policewoman Otonashi Kiruko). Redirects for Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc will be made for ease of using the search engine.


The infobox is used to detail specific information relating to the chapter such as;

  • The volume it's a part of (in the case none, put N/A in the section).
  • Chapter number.
  • Japanese name.
  • Romaji name.
  • Total pages
  • The release date (the release date is the date when that copy of Weekly Shōnen Jump was released, not when the translated scan was uploaded).


The summaries are sections where you detail the events that take place in the chapter.

Short Summary

The short summary should only be a paragraph long (two, maximum) and gives a general explanation of the key points of the chapter. Only one reference point is needed, and that's;

<ref>''Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san'' manga; Chapter >insert number<, page 1->total pages<</ref>

Long Summary

The long summary is as long as it needs to be, being a detailed explanation of the chapter's plot. Without taking it to the extreme (such as explicit dialogue), it should include most of the occurrences in the chapter and what they entail. Each paragraph should end with a reference tag including the pages relevant to what was discussed.


Images are to only be used in the long summary, and the cover used in the infobox. Subsequent layout must follow the Image Policy.

Characters in Order of Appearance

As the title suggests, characters are to be listed here in the order that they appear in the chapter. If this list exceeds ten characters, a scroll box will be required.


This section only requires the following code;

{{Scroll box
|content=<div style="font-size:90%">

If there are less then 10 references in the page, this scroll box is unnecessary.


The navigation should include the following code, with the name of the previous and subsequent chapters placed in the appropriate sections.