Nagashima Substation
Ch1 NagashimaSubstation
Location Information
Facility Police Station
Located Affiliation
Function Base for the local police.
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut


Nagashima Substation is where the main protagonists are working as the local police in Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san. Also it seems to be the only station in town of Nagashima.

The substation looks like a large kōban for it's size. There is many rooms in this building. Such as the main front/operations office, kitchen, night duty room, and storage room.


Chief of the Nagashima Substation Edit

Kanjūrō Tsutsui

Police OfficersEdit

Haruki Anjō

Kiruko Otonashi

Police InvestigatorsEdit

Chiaki Uchigane

Hawk Bullet

Building LayoutEdit

Front Door/Entrance

The Mascot of the Station and the Police notice signs are located here. There is a small lobby that leads to the front office.

Front/Operations Office

This room has most of the main protagonists workspace. It is long rectangle that might be largest room on the first floor. The chief's desk is located in the rear of the room with some windows in wall with blinds. In front of the chief's desk is four desks setup in a rectangle. The desks closest to the chief is Haruki Anjō and Kiruko Otonashi. The other set desks that closet to the entrance are empty untill Chiaki Uchigane and Hawk Bullet came to the station. A row of equipment lockers and other cabinets could be found around the room as well. The room least has three doorways that goes else where in the building. Two of the doorways goes to a hallway and the entrance.

Reception Room

A formal room to welcome guest and high ranking officials. It has nice-looking lounge chairs, a coffee table and awarded objects that the station may of earned as room decorations.

Night Duty Room

This room is used for the night shift officers at the station. It has a couch, a table with chairs, and other things used for relaxing. It is unknown where this room is in the building.


A small kitchen at the station to prepare basic snacks, tea, and to wash up. It is unknown where this room is in the building.


  • There has been small hints that other officers are working at the station when main characters are off-duty.
  • Hawk Bullet has made a campsite in the station's parking lot in Chapter 8.