Haruki Anjō
Haruki Anjou
Biographical Information
Kanji 安城春樹
Rōmaji Anjō Haruki
Also Known As
Gender Male
Height 167 cm
Weight 62 kg
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Yellow
Professional Status
Affiliation Nagashima Substation
Occupation Policeman
Partner Kiruko Otonashi
Personal Status
Allies Kanjūrō Tsutsui
Hawk Bullet
Chiaki Uchigane
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut

Haruki Anjō (安城春樹, Anjō Haruki) is one the main protagonists of Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san.


Haruki Anjou Colored

Haruki colored

Haruki has brownish-red hair and yellow eyes.


He always tries to do least work when on duty and likes it to be quiet while reading his porn magazines. Most of the time he doesn't care what people think of him. He always likes to take things calmly at first then panics when it doesn't work out at all. When all else fails, he would be a coward, and then try to save his own life. Haruki wishes to touch Kiruko's breasts and fantasy himself doing perverted things to her. Sometimes he would tell others about these fantasies of her or other women.


Haruki is a patrol officer at Nagashima Substation and was transfer there for his bad perverted behavior.


The New RookieEdit

Unexpected VisitorsEdit


  • Almost able to control Kiruko's rampages.
  • Knows a lot of history of porn mags and stars.



  • He has porn mags in his desk at the station.


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