24.Welcome Back! Novice Policewoman kiruko-san!
Chapter 24
Volume 3
Chapter 24
Japanese Title お帰りなさい!その婦警 音無キルコ
Romanized Title Okaerinasai!Ono Fukei Otonashi Kiruko
Total Pages 19
Release Date April 22 , 2013
Chapter 23 Chapter 25

Welcome Back! Novice Policewoman kiruko-san! ( お帰りなさい!その婦警 音無キルコ,Okaerinasai!Ono Fukei Otonashi Kiruko ) is the twenty fourth chapter of the manga series Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san and is the last chapter to be published in Weekly Shōnen Jump as the final chapter is published in Volume 3.

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23.Farewell! Novice Policewoman kiruko-san!! 24.Welcome Back! Novice Policewoman kiruko-san! 25.See you Tomorrow!